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Washable Rugs

Machine washable rugs offer a wonderful combination of practicality and luxury to any busy home.

These types of rugs are perfect for a kitchen, bathroom, or for any messy child’s floor. They are also a perfect solution if you have any allergy issues or regular pet visitors, as you can simply wash them at your will.

If you want a rug that you can put in the washing machine, make sure you choose one that comes with the washing instructions and follow them with great care. Use only recommended detergents and always washes rugs on their own to protect against damage from other garments and discolouration.

Quality machine washable rugs will be able to be cleaned regularly with no effect on the shape or pattern of the covering, ensuring high quality protection and comfort for many years to come.

Where possible, avoid cheap washable rugs, which may use more glue and other heat soluble products that will diminish the durability and the appearance of the rug very rapidly.

Instead, choose quality washable rugs from Rug Mountain where you can be sure you will find the best products possible at highly competitive prices.

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