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Door Mats

Ensure the welcome all your guests receive is first class, by choosing one of our beautiful quality door mats to place next to your front door.

The right door mat does more than just provide a warm reception. It can also stop debris and dirt entering your home and protects your floor from damage.

These doormats provide the first indication of what anyone entering your home can expect. It makes a statement about who lives there and adds more value than you would ever imagine.

For a quirky introduction, choose a brightly coloured, retro rug that will make an incredible first impression to your living area. Or, if you are considering selling your home, choose a high quality door mat that will enrich the sensation for potential buyers. A strategy that has been proven to increase the probability of you receiving your desired offer.

If you have pets or young children, choose from our range of cheap door mats that are also highly absorbent, to remove dirt and moisture and keep your house looking pristine.

Coir doormats will actually scrape the dirt from the shoes of the people entering your home, ensuring nature’s greatest assets remain outside. We also have welcome mats that sit outside the front door and internal door mats that will look beautiful in your hallway.

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