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Anti Slip Rugs

You will never have to worry about your rugs or runners slipping on your hard floor again with our new range of antislip rugs.

Whether you have wood, laminate or tiles on your floor - or even for those worried about slipping on a rug laid on carpet, this underlay is going to solve all your problems, but even if you aren’t worried about slippage, quality antislip rugs are still a vital ingredient for any rug lover.

The added support from the underlay extends the life of your rug, providing extra cushioning to your floor, whilst the highly effective grip will ensure there are no rucks, creases or curling up of corners protecting the rug backing, ensuring your rug looks as good as the day you bought it.

Unlike spray products, Rug Mountains cheap antislip rugs do not use any harmful solvents and will not leave any messy residue.

Even for your tailor made rugs, abnormal sized or shaped floor coverings, simply select the antislip rug from Rug Mountain that is slightly bigger than your rug and then cut it down to a size. Usually we suggest a margin of approximately 8mm smaller than your rug, that way every single rug in your home can have the perfect underlay without your secret ever being known.

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